John Singleton Born

[wp_ad_camp_1]1968 – John Singleton Born in Los Angeles California.
He attended Pasadena City College and the University of Southern California from which he graduated in 1990. Singleton made his film directorial debut in 1991 with Boyz in the Hood. [ad#336×280]The film depicted life in South Central Los Angeles and the struggles of gang-life and trying to steer clear of it. Singleton received Academy Award nominations for both Best Screenplay and Best Director (the youngest person and first Black Director ever nominated).

He subsequently directed more ten films, including Poetic Justice, Baby Boy, and2 Fast 2 Furious.

[wp_ad_camp_2]1867 – The Peabody Fund is Established.
The Peabody Fund was established by George Peabody, an American-British entrepreneur and philanthropist. The fund was established for the purpose of promoting “intellectual, moral, and industrial education in the most destitute portion of the Southern States.” Unfortunately, because the fund was restricted from flowing the newly established schools, none of the funding aided newly freed slaves because there were no schools already established for them. In 1937, the Southern Education Foundation which was created by the Peabody fund, established three new funds (the John F. Slater Fund, the Negro Rural School Fund, and the Virginia Randolph Fund) aimed at supporting education for southern Blacks.

1831 – New England Anti-Slavery Society Organized.
The New England Anti-Slavery Society was founded on this date in 1831, It was organized at African Baptist Church on Boston’s Beacon Hill by William Lloyd Garrison, the editor of the Liberator. The goal of the organization was the immediate abolishment of slavery. The organization sponsored a lecture series which travelled throughout New England. The organization, as it travelled, attempted to create local spinoff societies, establishing 47 of them within two years.The organization also created annual anti-slavery conventions. In 1835, the organization was absorbed into the American Anti-Slaver Society and renamed itself the Massachusetts Antislavery Society.